Right, what is West Ham+19?

This is a newsletter about West Ham (plus the Premier League’s other 19 clubs), produced by Luke James.

Okay, but do you have a USP?

I’m not unique: there certainly isn’t a shortage of young freelancers, trying to break into sports media, who write about the club(s) they support.

That said, I’m proud of this newsletter and I’d love for you to subscribe.

I write about football through the lens of analytics and tactics, which helps me juggle fandom with modern journalism. I’m a nerd and I like tapping away at my keyboard about nerdy subjects.

If you like that kind of content, subscribe:

Where else can I find your work, then?

Thanks for asking!

I’m a senior writer for British Ice Hockey, working on the Elite League, NHL, and international competitions. I also cover the Washington Capitals for The Hockey Writers.

Aside from this newsletter, I write about the beautiful game for lots of sites — mainly Breaking The Lines.

I’m always looking for new assignments. If you’re a commissioning editor and you like my stuff, my DMs are open.

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